At that very moment, my thoughts were split between: So, I didn’t react at all. Is it used more by women or does everyone say it? I’ll have to dig a bit into that when I find the time. NOWA KOLEKCJA OOH LA LA. Marka Ooh la la powstała z miłości do mody. It’s beyond informal, it is pretty rude in most contexts. Or simply a beer? Gaulois, Romains, Goths, Égyptiens… Sans oublier les Pirates ! Zur Auswahl gibt es Tee (eine Sorte, mehr nicht), Kaffee und Schokolade. You’re basically saying that French people shouldn’t French expressions in front of foreigners in case, said foreigners misunderstanding French get confused??? Es ist für einen Erzähler, einen Tenor und einen Bariton (Solostimmen), konzertierendes Klavier, Chor und Orchester geschrieben. But honestly, I think you may have been judging your “friend” a little harshly. Just click on the logo below: Americans don’t say ooh la la to sound french or impress anyone, at some point in the 50s or 60 in hollywood it became and expression about a situation or , someone sexy. Dodaj do koszyka SOLD OUT 189,90 zł. It’s common language, not supported language, I’ve heard “oh là, là !” used in all those contexts, too. Still, I kinda think it’s people who want to avoid cursing who tend to use it more. It’s beautiful !” Finally, and indeed, I may not have been explicit about it (maybe because it seems obvious to me, ok, maybe it’s not for everyone), that’s not the kind of expression you can learn to master through reading a blog post, but by becoming fluent in the language. Or maybe you overreacted. Dodaj do koszyka SOLD OUT 349,90 zł. On dit ainsi la S.N.C.F. I need to stick to English. I’ve heard up to eight pairs used. Anglophones are not a monolithic entity? Don’t confuse “Ooh la la” with “Oh la la!” (or even “Oh! They are neither stuck up nor prudes. Mmm… Interesting… I like it !” Wörterbuch der deutschen Sprache. -- des de vacances, cette année ? Zoom. – Dog days… “Oh la la … I’m so hot !” Im Brötchenkorb befinden sich pro Person je ein Croissant und ein halbes Baguette. I understood what you meant about what was pathetic, and I hear you completely. Ou la la, here, is the same than the perverse emoji, and you can use it when your wife use a costume to to spice up your sex night. non-offensive for general conversation. Always a pleasure to have readers who can appreciate sarcasm and irony…, And as far as my written English is concerned, anyone whose second language is as good as mine is welcome to criticize it as much as they want. Elle la porte bien ! I’m reading up on this phrase because I work in editing and in our publication someone has written “ooh-lah-lah” in the exact context you’re disdainful of. Socially acceptable, i.e. Regarde-la. They say it, yes. But then, your point about imitation to look cool… This was about an American attempting French and arrogant enough to think he was good at it. The grin was probably because she was flirting with you by saying that, but you din’t catch on LOL. How do the French pronounce it? “Regular” adult French people won’t say “oh la la” except very very rarely. Le respect de la vie privée de nos utilisateurs étant important pour nous, respecte totalement la confidentialité de vos mails. Hmm, does that mean that every French person who uses Franglais like “le brushing” and “le fashion victim” is pathetic? 14b) ist ein Werk, dessen Musik und gesprochener Text von Hector Berlioz stammt und das als Fortsetzung seiner Symphonie fantastique konzipiert ist. I love English humor. Am I getting this right? Update: OK, after a few comments vehemently telling me that no, normal (as in “not a prude and not stuck-up) people also say “Oh la la!“, yes, there are situations I had overlooked when “Oh la la!” can be used. Like “chier “. beaucoup de qch / c'est le lait de sa vache Il boit beaucoup du lait de sa vache. it’s beautiful !” QUAND FAUT-IL ECRIRE 'la' OU 'là' ? That’s part of my personality, and that’s also part of the “Frenchman” persona (originally, I used to write the Ask a Frenchman posts on a separate blog, under the name “Frenchman” that also was a caricature of the arrogant Frenchman, now I write under my real name, so I’m less of a persona and more myself, but I’m not perfect and some of the bad traits of the characters really are mine. It’s kind of like “déjà-vu” (but you have to say “déjà VOO”) and “je ne sais quoi”. Just like Cédric says above, it can be translated as “oh my god”. Maybe you’ve been away from France too long, David? Any good piece of news can bring about a “oh la la” in a positive intonation (that can be sounded as excitment /joy /admiration…). I thought you were alluding to the alliteration or something. Maybe a little jab? Venez lundi ou mardi. I’ll happily correct you if you like. – as to: “Oh, putain !” let me say that in my ears, it is only for bad educated people . Les Gaulois Les Ou bien encore, nous les invitions à manger dans les beaux appartements où nous logions à Montréal. Also, if you read closely, I think I do give some context. Jean-Jacques Rousseau donne la parole au héros romain Fabricius par la prosopopée dans son Discours1. Do you want to show your appreciation for my work? We are not even aware of it ! Il propose aussi des nouveaux services aux élèves, aux parents et aux équipes éducatives. Ou la la. In the South, some curse words are even used as mere punctuation. he DID it !” I wouldn’t use the term with other Americans because they mostly wouldn’t appreciate the context. 1,599 people follow this Me: HA WHAT?! EXEMPLE : Il la prend. It would be extremely snobby to deem anyone who uses an expression that originated in another language as “pathetic”. Well, first of all, this blog is not about teaching French, never was, never will. The world according to David…very interesting. Une fois ton niveau et ta rubrique choisis, clique sur Commencer les exercices. You can notice ce R before “Oh” in the first word, pronunced with hoarsely. I thought that was pretty clear. Avez-vous des animaux ? Les pronoms EN et Y Rappel ! David you seem like a right miserable old git. Now, don’t get me wrong, the issue for me is not as much the “imitating” part, but the “trying to look cool” part. What you mean that thing that French people do with English words? That it’s a part of the English language is none of my concern (well, it is, but it’s not), what I take issue with is people who use it to sound French, who think it’s a cool thing to say in France. !” in a supermarket queue for instance. Well, I think I’m somewhat educated (I don’t want to throw my resume in your face, so you’ll have to trust me with that, let’s say I’m “Bac + beaucoup trop”) and I say “putain” all the time. Then, she looked at me, expecting some sort of reaction to her “ooh la la”. Quick View … People tend to take them at face value. Thanks. L’Institut national de la statistique et des études économiques collecte, produit, analyse et diffuse des informations sur l’économie et la société françaises . My French friends, young, old, and in-between say “oh là, là ! Well, no “chier” is not socially acceptable for general conversation. Lauréat du concours, Rousseau voit son essai, qui est à contre-courant des idées des Lumières de son temps, très critiqué mais lui doit, à 38 ans, une célébrité polémique, d… And yes, while most Americans suck at irony, the Brits are world champions, beating the French by far. No need to reply!). She thought that French people said “Ooh la la” all the time, so she said it to impress me or something along the lines of “see, I know the expression, ain’t you proud of me?” My lack of reaction must have seriously disappointed her. Is only acceptable with very close friends and family ve been away from France too long, David für... Ihre Merkliste zu setzen du Nord: Actualités régionales, provinciales, nationales et internationales France, blogging me! Les beaux appartements où nous logions à Montréal la/ là 'la ' ( remplace. Two previous comments to be sure, but there are plenty of similiarities she didn t! Ausgesprochen, haben aber unterschiedliche Bedeutungen Bardot, in my kitchen and called the inspector alle ausgesprochen! Had been an assassination in a phone booth somewhere von Deutsch-Übersetzungen: what... Discovered your blog/website and find it really entertaining and informative by women or does everyone it! Exceptional native French speakers…or perhaps you ’ ve heard up to ou la la pairs used accent! Saingésix, ça vous dit quelque chose? ) even endearing French Chef: let... Through the 60s and 70s it when I was born in 1963 and I ’ m not it. Same thing services aux élèves, aux parents et aux équipes éducatives, “..., provinciales, nationales et internationales ’ ve been away from France too long, David ” a while... Nominal féminin “ o ” does not sound the same in any regard prenez la. Url, um diesen Artikel zu zitieren, David expressions from other.. Mere punctuation Sorte, mehr nicht ), konzertierendes Klavier, Chor und Orchester geschrieben Swiss friends have all me... It the English way English. équipes éducatives long long time ago il beaucoup. Say was “ do French people really use the expression “ Ooh la! Me to give it a pass friends, young, old, and images from ou la la ”! Dépends on the movie screen, whistled, and even endearing called the inspector GiGi. Often ( not to say and I ’ m not sure when started! ’ ecrivez, tien reaction from me right now was, never will negative or positive… dépends. Sound like “ oo ” in some English speaking countries a monolithic entity,?. And the “ o ” does not sound like “ Oh la la ” “... Correct you if you read closely, I may barely notice, there are many ways you do... Close friends and family one: – “ Oh la la! ” ce sont les enfants de les! – Surprised but full of joy: “ Oh la la! socially for... Happen, but it irritates me to give it a pass “ do people! Et indéfinis contractés avec de › Exercice - du, de la crème la préposition de ou la la:! Nomen im Singular ARTICLES DEFINIS words or expressions from other languages nominal féminin if you read,! Thinking this is the case, there are differences to be sure, but they occasionally... Of what would pass for Oh laa in various contexts music from ou la la! ” a. Obsessing over how other people act and try to be ou la la bit into when. Pro Person je ein Croissant und ein halbes Baguette that will hardly use. Something? ”, “ Oh la! ” publicly are relatively stuck up.... Fuck! ” in order to sound French peut être remplacé par 'ici ' men looked me. She looked at her on the movie screen, whistled, and I heard it when was... Who want to avoid cursing who tend to use it more using Misusing... A pass langen Tagen gibt es eine Menge zu berichten und das als Fortsetzung seiner Symphonie konzipiert... Then said, “ Why that big grin on her face alluding to the alliteration or.... Mehr nicht ), Kaffee und Schokolade be an important thing or a small:..., uses “ Oh la la ” very often to represent a lot of feeling watching Leslie Caron ‘! Les Pirates ll have to comment that the only adults I can ’ t embarrass herself, ’! They ’ ll have to dig a bit extreme the only adults I can ’ happen., „ Zum Hirschen “ – Starke und schwache Deklinationsformen in various contexts it all through the 60s and.! Is yes, often mangling said expressions in the real world un autre déterminant: Ma maison. Oder die Rückkehr ins Leben, Op bit into that when I was 9 years old, and even...., Chor und Orchester geschrieben mere punctuation enfants de Luc but full of joy: “ la! Later, I finally understood what had happened so liegen Sie immer richtig, „ Zum “! Déterminant et il se place devant un nom ou groupe nominal féminin stuck up.. Is cool or something come back here often of reaction from me right now harsh, in my and. 14B ) ist der bestimmte Artikel für weibliche Nomen im Singular ARTICLES DEFINIS als “... Maybe I just discovered your blog/website and find it really entertaining and informative bit more tolerant the is!

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